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4/11/2017  Unsorted US Plastics Patents©

6/14/2017  through 6/14/2017


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Week 15 (04/11/2017)

9,615,496 through 9,622,395

6900 new patents published  

164patents selected.

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164. 9,617,739
Polymer-based bracket system for metal panels

163. 9,617,729
Foam wall insulation system

162. 9,617,728
Acoustic panel

161. 9,617,687
Meterable fibrous material

160. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning    Top

160. 9,617,686
Use of surfactant to treat pulp and improve the incorporation of kraft pulp into fiber for the production of viscose and other secondary fiber products

159. 9,617,685
Process for making paper and nonwoven articles comprising synthetic microfiber binders

158. 9,617,669
Method of making polyimide fiber assembly

157. 9,617,668
Nonwoven webs and multi-component fibers comprising a polydiorganosiloxane polyamide and methods of melt blowing

156. 9,617,492
Complex polyester composition, lubricant composition, lubricant, and production method for complex polyester composition

155. 9,617,487
Process for resourcing municipal solid waste

154. 9,617,482
Functionalized polymers containing polyamine succinimide for demulsification in hydrocarbon refining processes

153. 9,617,477
Compound having four polymerizable groups, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device

152. 9,617,476
Liquid crystal composition

151. 9,617,475
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display comprising the same

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150. 9,617,473
Switch element comprising a liquid-crystalline medium

149. 9,617,462
Degradable composite materials and uses

148. 9,617,457
Thermally conductive thermoplastic compositions featuring balanced processability

147. 9,617,455
Silicone resin composition for sealant and power semiconductor module that uses this composition

146. 9,617,453
Solvent free aqueous polyurethane dispersions and methods of making and using the same

145. 9,617,444
Low gloss radiation-curable compositions

144. 9,617,443
Method for the preparation of stable emulsions of polyisobutene

143. 9,617,437
Anti-bacterial aqueous ink compositions comprising self-dispersed sulfonated polyester-silver nanoparticle composites

142. 9,617,426
Asphalt mixture, process for production of same, and paving method using same

141. 9,617,425
Asphalt mixture, process for production of same, and paving method using same

140. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning    Top  

140. 9,617,424
Polyolefin asphalt modifiers, methods of modifying asphalt, asphalt compositions and methods of making

139. 9,617,423
Macroinitiator containing hydrophobic segment

138. 9,617,422
Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article

137. 9,617,421
Performance enhancing additives for fiber formation and polysulfone fibers

136. 9,617,420
Epoxy resin composition

135. 9,617,419
Resin composition and molded article

134. 9,617,418
Polycarbonate resin composition and optical molded article

133. 9,617,417
Impact-modified polycarbonate compositions having a good combination of natural color, hydrolytic stability and melt stability

132. 9,617,416
Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article thereof

131. 9,617,415
Polycarbonate blend and method of producing the same

130. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

130. 9,617,414
Polymer composition

129. 9,617,413
Curable epoxy resin compositions

128. 9,617,412
Foam, composition, and method

127. 9,617,411
Organic-inorganic hybrid resin, molding composition, and photoelectric device employing the same

126. 9,617,410
Polycarboxylate ethers used as dispersing agents for epoxy resins

125. 9,617,409
Methods of solubilizing milling media in pigment particle dispersions

124. 9,617,408
Resin composition and gate insulating film

123. 9,617,407
Highly insulating film

122. 9,617,405
Closure and liner compositions essentially free of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer

121. 9,617,404
Rubber composition, conveyor belt rubber composition, conveyor belt, and belt conveyor device

120. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning   Top   

120. 9,617,403
Children's activities kit for a moldable putty

119. 9,617,402
Process for preparing polyisocyanates which are flocculation-stable in solvents from (cyclo)aliphatic diisocyanates

118. 9,617,401
Pyrolytic carbon black and polymer composites manufactured therefrom

117. 9,617,400
Fragranced water-sensitive film

116. 9,617,399
High frequency weldable polyolefin compositions containing zeolites

115. 9,617,398
Multifunctional curing agents and their use in improving strength of composites containing carbon fibers embedded in a polymeric matrix

114. 9,617,397
Plastic reagent and process

113. 9,617,396
Method for in-situ synthesis of silicon nanoparticles

112. 9,617,395
Polyamide 1010 polymer particles and method for producing same

111. 9,617,394
Coated particles for forming of continuous polymeric or metallic layers

110. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

110. 9,617,393
Method of producing lignin with reduced amount of odorous substances

109. 9,617,392
Compositions and methods for self-assembly of polymers with complementary macroscopic and microscopic scale units

108. 9,617,391
Halogenated polysilane and thermal process for producing the same

107. 9,617,390
Room temperature-curing silicone-polyester binder

106. 9,617,389
Stable ethylsilicate polymers

105. 9,617,388
Process for making a polyzwitterion or polyzwitterionic acid

104. 9,617,387
Scrubbing process for polyarylene sulfide formation

103. 9,617,386
Process for the production of polyimide and polyamic ester polymers

102. 9,617,386
Process for the production of polyimide and polyamic ester polymers

101. 9,617,385
Polyhexahydrotriazine dielectrics

100. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

100. 9,617,384
Core-shell polyamide powder

99. 9,617,383
PEG-based microparticles

98. 9,617,382
Process for the purification of polycarbonate

97. 9,617,381
Low shear process for polycarbonate purification

96. 9,617,380
Thermal enhancement of the purification process for interfacial polycarbonate and copolymer polycarbonates

95. 9,617,379
Production method for carbonate compound and methacrylate or ester thereof

94. 9,617,378
Method for preparing biodegradable polyester resin

93. 9,617,377
Polyester macromers containing 1,1-dicarbonyl-substituted 1 alkenes

92. 9,617,376
Polymer composite material and method of preparation thereof

91. 9,617,375
Oxygen scavenging copolymers made from cyclic aliphatic monomers

90. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

90. 9,617,374
High-molecular liquid crystal material for frame of liquid crystal display, frame and manufacturing method

89. 9,617,373
Curable resin composition, article, and method for fabricating the same

88. 9,617,372
Sulphur-comprising polyaromatic polyamine that can be used in the synthesis of polyurea

87. 9,617,371
Polyureas as rheology control agents

86. 9,617,370
Polyurethane useful for orthopedics external fixing system in complex environment and preparation method thereof

85. 9,617,369
High-latency hardeners for epoxy resins

84. 9,617,368
Method for polymerizing monomer units and/or oligomer units by means of infrared light pulses

83. 9,617,367
Alkali-soluble resin and method for preparing the same

82. 9,617,366
Low-fluoride, reactive polyisobutylene

81. 9,617,365
Catalytic compositions and thiolene-based compositions with extended pot life

80. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

80. 9,617,364
Vinyl chloride polymer and preparation method thereof

79. 9,617,363
Low-fluoride, reactive polyisobutylene

78. 9,617,362
Catalysts for preparing ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)

77. 9,617,360
Process for the preparation of (co) polymers of conjugated dienes in the presence of a catalytic system comprising a bis-imine complex of cobalt

76. 9,617,358
System and method for polymerization

75. 9,617,357
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and a method for the preparation thereof

74. 9,617,356
Crosslinked polyethylene composition

73. 9,617,355
Process for polymerisation of ethylene

72. 9,617,354
Electroinitiated polymerization of compositions having a 1,1-disubstituted alkene compound

71. 9,617,352
Sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin compositions and methods of preparation thereof

70. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

70. 9,617,351
Esterified cellulose ethers of very low viscosity

69. 9,617,350
Methods for preparing alkali cellulose and cellulose ether

68. 9,617,278
Antimicrobial compounds

67. 9,617,277
Polymeric materials

66. 9,617,158
Cohesive assembly of carbon and its application

65. 9,617,157
Tubular nanostructure targeted to cell membrane

64. 9,617,156
Carbon nanostructures and networks produced by chemical vapor deposition

63. 9,617,151
Methods for controlling density, porosity, and/or gap size within nanotube fabric layers and films

62. 9,617,069
Thermal insulation system for non-vacuum applications including a multilayer composite

61. 9,617,061
Cup package of a fibrous material and a method of manufacturing the same

60. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

60. 9,617,060
Container with vented intermediate separator

59. 9,617,059
Polyester film with citric acid-modified polyvinyl amine

58. 9,617,034
Container of thermoplastic material

57. 9,616,645
Laminating roller, a method for providing a packaging laminate, and a packaging laminate

56. 9,616,644
Lamination device and method

55. 9,616,643
Embossed thermoplastic label

54. 9,616,642
Multilayer pipe for transporting water or gas

53. 9,616,641
Light-weight hybrid glass laminates

52. 9,616,640
Composite film of linearly-scratched, thin metal film and plastic film, and its production apparatus

51. 9,616,638
Mechanically interlocked nonwoven industrial fabric

50. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top   

50. 9,616,637
Die for forming honeycomb structure and manufacturing method therefor

49. 9,616,636
Cardboard-based unit

48. 9,616,635
Multilayer foam structures of nominally-aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTS)

47. 9,616,633
Screw extruder for continuous extrusion of materials with high viscosity

46. 9,616,631
Supporting method of honeycomb formed body

45. 9,616,630
Method of making a golf ball with lattice reinforced layer

44. 9,616,629
Blade having an integrated composite spar

43. 9,616,627
Mold comprising a cavity for molding a device for closure in a groove

42. 9,616,626
Ophthalmic device molds formed from vinyl alcohol copolymer, ophthalmic devices molded therein, and related methods

41. 9,616,625
Electronic device having a display and method of manufacture

40  xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top  

40. 9,616,624
Method to repair deformations in elastomeric hoses

39. 9,616,623
3D thermoplastic composite pultrusion system and method

38. 9,616,622
RTM method

37. 9,616,621
Wheel made of fiber composites and process for the manufacture thereof

36. 9,616,619
Method for producing a bottle using a multifunctional detabber apparatus

35. 9,616,616
Method for laminating a component by means of a laminating tool with a laminating element

34. 9,616,615
Apparatus for embossing a web

33. 9,616,612
Apparatus for producing a stretchable sheet

32. 9,616,611
Method for making a ball shaped product

31. 9,616,610
Method and system of making digital image transfer thermoformed objects

30. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

30. 9,616,609
Sterile blow moulding machine with non-sterile media supply

29. 9,616,608
Process for fastening an accessory in a blow molded plastic tank

28. 9,616,607
Process for producing microporous polyolefin film

27. 9,616,606
Cooling device and cooling method for an extrudate

26. 9,616,604
Injection device having two-piece nozzle, jig for use in assembling two-piece nozzle, and method of assembling two-piece nozzle

25. 9,616,600
Hockey stick

24. 9,616,599
Method for the continuous production of an endless string of polyurethane reactive plastic material

23. 9,616,598
Plastic lens manufacturing method

22. 9,616,597
Mold comprising a cavity for molding a closing-off device in a groove

21. 9,616,596
Method and device for the production of form parts

20. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

20. 9,616,594
Radius fillers for composite structures, composite structures that include radius fillers, and systems and methods of forming the same

19. 9,616,590
Adhesive materials and methods of forming lignocellulosic composites using such adhesive materials

18. 9,616,589
Vacuum infused repair device and method for teak decks on boats, yachts and ships

17. 9,616,479
Molding method for plate-shaped workpiece, and molded article

16. 9,616,478
Bending apparatus and bending method using the same

15. 9,616,395
Membrane comprising self-assembled block copolymer and process for producing the same by spray coating (Ic)

14. 9,616,394
Graft copolymer functionalized article

13. 9,616,393
Porous hollow fiber membrane for treating blood

12. 9,616,392
Composite polyamide membrane having high acid content and low azo content

11. 9,616,391
Black porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, method for producing same, gas-permeable membrane and ventilation member using same

10. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning  Top

10. 9,616,390
Separation membrane, separation membrane element, and method for producing separation membrane

9. 9,616,378
System and method for carbon dioxide capture and sequestration from relatively high concentration CO.sub.2 mixtures

8. 9,616,375
Capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from air

7. 9,616,297
Low compression golf balls having layers made from plasticized thermoplastic materials

6. 9,616,296
Three-layer-core golf ball having highly-neutralized polymer outer core layer

5. 9,616,022
Nanodiamond compositions and their use for drug delivery

4. 9,616,021
Method of forming non-immunogenic hydrophobic protein nanoparticles, and uses therefor

3. 9,615,917
Energized ophthalmic lens

2. 9,615,916
Intraocular lens

1. 9,615,574
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides

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