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5/9/2017  Unsorted US Plastics Patents©

6/6/2017  through 3/6/2017


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Week 19 (05/09/2017)

9,642,296 through 9,648,795 

6500 new patents published  

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175. 9,644,333
Erosion control sediment barrier

174. 9,644,327
Mat for a hybrid turf

173. 9,644,320
High molecular weight and high cationic charge glyoxalated polyacrylamide copolymers and their methods of manufacture and use

172. 9,644,319
Hybrid sheet, such as a security sheet, formed by assembling a fibrous part and a plastic part

171. 9,644,314
Primary carpet backing

170. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning    Top  

170. 9,644,313
Electrically conductive synthetic fiber and fibrous substrate, method of making, and use thereof

169. 9,644,312
Method for producing synthetic leather having air permeability

168. 9,644,291
Double-sided fabric embedded with continuous linear material and formed as curved form

167. 9,644,290
Process of melt-spinning polyacrylonitrile fiber

166. 9,644,289
Polyurethane elastic fiber

165. 9,644,167
Lubricating compositions containing a carboxylic functionalised polymer and dispersant

164. 9,644,166
Surface conditioning nanolubricant

163. 9,644,165
Lubricating resin composition

162. 9,644,164
Dispersants derived from hydroxy fatty acid polyesters and polyalkylene glycol dispersants

161. 9,644,148
Liquid Crystal composition

160. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning    Top

160. 9,644,147
Liquid crystal alignment agent, liquid crystal alignment film, and liquid crystal display element

159. 9,644,146
Composition for forming liquid crystal layer, liquid crystal display device, and method for producing liquid crystal display device

158. 9,644,145
Birefringent RM lens

157. 9,644,140
Method of reducing dust with particulates coated with a polycationic polymer

156. 9,644,139
Self-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing

155. 9,644,138
Process and apparatus for making proppants

154. 9,644,136
Low pH crosslinking of polymers

153. 9,644,135
Delayed curing silane-based curable resin system

152. 9,644,131
Alternative ligand formulations for cellulose products

151. 9,644,130
Reaction products of acrylamide polymers and methods for use thereof as relative permeability modifiers

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150. 9,644,128
Carbon nanotube sheet, electronic device, method of manufacturing carbon nanotube sheet, and method of manufacturing electronic device

149. 9,644,127
Heating medium composition for solar thermal power generation system

148. 9,644,124
Silicon-containing compound having alkoxysilyl-ethylene group at its terminal, room temperature-curable organopolysiloxane composition, and molded product obtained by curing the composition

147. 9,644,123
Isocyanurate vinyl ester anchoring adhesive composition

146. 9,644,122
Modified acrylate adhesive resin and production process of the same, photosensitive resin composition, display substrate, liquid crystal panel

145. 9,644,121
Adhesives suitable for use in bonding applications

144. 9,644,119
Material self-assembly method and selective adhesion method based on molecular recognition

143. 9,644,117
Adhesive composition

142. 9,644,116
Method and means for protecting a windshield from further damage before repair is possible

141. 9,644,115
Fluorochemical coating composition and article treated therewith

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140. 9,644,114
Silane endcapped polyamide resins

139. 9,644,101
Inorganic pigment containing calcium carbonate, aqueous suspension containing same, and uses thereof

138. 9,644,100
Process for the manufacture of self-binding pigmentary particles, dry or in aqueous suspension or dispersion, containing inorganic matter and binders

137. 9,644,099
Violet laser excitable dyes and their method of use

136. 9,644,098
Curable resin composition and cured product thereof, encapsulant, and semiconductor device

135. 9,644,097
Stabilizer polymerization process and process for making polymer polyols

134. 9,644,096
Method for generation of nanoparticles

133. 9,644,095
Polylactic acid stereocomplex composition, its molded product, a process for its manufacture and its application

132. 9,644,094
Butyl rubber composition and hose using same

131. 9,644,093
Thermoplastic polymer composition, shoes and outer soles

130. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

130. 9,644,092
Heterogeneous in-situ polymer blend

129. Polymer composition and molded products formed thereof

128. 9,644,090
Polymer mixtures with optimized toughness/stiffness ratio and optical properties

127. 9,644,089
Methods for crosslinking polymer compositions in the presence of atmospheric oxygen

126. 9,644,087
Barrier film for food packaging

125. 9,644,086
Resin blend

124. 9,644,085
Rubber tyre compound production method

123. 9,644,084
Method of preparing chitin nanofibers

122. 9,644,083
Cellulose acylate film, polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display using the same

121. 9,644,082
Polyester resin composition and molded article containing this resin composition

120. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning   Top   

120. 9,644,081
Polyamide moulding composition, moulded articles produced therefrom and also use of the polyamide moulding compositions

119. 9,644,080
Light-resistant resin composition, and moulded body thereof

118. 9,644,079
Shaping of expanded polystyrene made using D-limonene as a plasticizer

117. 9,644,078
Release film and method for manufacturing the same

116. 9,644,077
Method for forming quantum dot thin film

115. 9,644,076
Cross-linkers for hydrogels, hydrogels including these cross-linkers and applications thereof

114. 9,644,075
Polycarbonate composition to produce optical quality products with high quality and good processability

113. 9,644,073
Method for the synthesis of a chlorine-free, pre-ceramic polymer for the production of ceramic molded bodies

112. 9,644,072
Controlled radical polymerization, and catalysts useful therein

111. 9,644,071
Bis(azobenzene) diamines and photomechanical polymers made therefrom

110. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

110. 9,644,070
Cross-linkable and cross-linked polymers, process for the preparation thereof, and the use thereof

109. 9,644,069
Polymer of fluorine-containing sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s and method of manufacturing the same

108. 9,644,068
Semiconducting materials based on naphthalenediimide-vinylene-oligothiophene-vinylene polymers

107. 9,644,067
Distilled epoxy novolac resins

106. 9,644,066
Cyclic amine compounds, compositions, and polyurethane foams made therefrom

105. 9,644,065
PHT powder coating materials

104. 9,644,064
Olefin block copolymer

103. 9,644,063
Ordered architectures in acrylic polymers

102. 9,644,062
Polymer particle dispersions with polyols

101. 9,644,061
Ethylene polymer pellet and extrusion process using the same

100. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

100. 9,644,060
Hydrophobic crosslinkable acetoacetylated lactam/vinyl alcohol copolymers

99. 9,644,059
Renewable bio-based (meth)acrylated monomers as vinyl ester cross-linkers

98. 9,644,058
Process for producing polyacrylic acid (salt)-based water absorbent resin

97. 9,644,057
Resin composition and method for manufacturing the same

96. 9,644,056
Compound, resin and photoresist composition

95. 9,644,055
Method for producing aqueous fluorine-containing polymer dispersing element, and purified aqueous fluorine-containing polymer dispersing element

94. 9,644,054
Dense articles formed from tetrafluoroethylene core shell copolymers and methods of making the same

93. 9,644,053
Tridentate nitrogen based ligands for olefin polymerisation catalysts

92. 9,644,052
Functionalized high cis-1,4-polybutadiene prepared using novel functionalizing agents

91. 9,644,051
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins

90. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

90. 9,644,050
Particle size distribution control through internal donor in Ziegler-Natta catalyst

89. 9,644,049
Polymers, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom

88. 9,644,048
Composition for anode buffer layer, high-molecular weight compound for anode buffer layer, organic electroluminescence element, and production process and uses of the same

87. 9,644,047
Metallocenes and catalyst compositions derived therefrom

86. 9,644,046
Method for producing modified conjugated diene-based polymer, modified conjugated diene-based polymer, and modified conjugated diene-based polymer composition

85. 9,644,045
End-functionalized conjugated diene-based polymer and process for producing same

84. 9,644,044
Process and catalyst for resin hydrogenation

83. 9,644,043
Method for producing hydrogenated petroleum resin

82. 9,644,042
Electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization

81. 9,644,041
Process and apparatus for production of halogenated butyl rubber with reduced emissions

80. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

80. 9,644,040
Hyaluronic acid derivatives

79. 9,643,894
High surface area carbon opals and inverse opals obtained therefrom

78. 9,643,889
Method of storing exfoliated nanoclay particles

77. 9,643,888
Dimensionally stable geopolymer composition and method

76. 9,643,711
Composite flame barrier laminate for a thermal and acoustic insulation blanket

75. 9,643,485
Resin fuel tank

74. 9,643,456
Molding element including cutting means for molding and vulcanizing at least one tire tread

73. 9,643,389
Plastic window and organic light-emitting display apparatus including the same

72. 9,643,388
Multilayer films, their methods of production, and articles made therefrom

71. 9,643,387
Stretched laminate, method of manufacturing thin polarizer, thin polarizer manufactured by the method, and polarizing plate including the thin polarizer

70. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

70. 9,643,384
Display device

69. 9,643,383
Car internet sheet using hygiene product and manufacturing method thereof

68. 9,643,382
Fiber reinforced structural element

67. 9,643,381
Composite binding materials

66. 9,643,380
Carbon fibre reinforced composite material and production method thereof

65. 9,643,379
Microstructured reconfigurable composite material

64. 9,643,378
Composite panel for green building system

63. 9,643,377
Floor plank with foam core

62. 9,643,376
Multi-ply disintegratable absorbent sheet, associated roll and associated manufacturing process

61. 9,643,374
Device and method for processing flat products

60. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

60. 9,643,373
Proximity heating cell assembly for use in a high-pressure cubic press

59. 9,643,372
Apparatus for compacting fibrous plant material, especially for compacting stalk material

58. 9,643,371
Method for roll-bending a profile, profile, method for manufacturing bent profile workpieces, bent profile workpiece, device for roll-bending a profile, and extrusion and roll-bending line

57. 9,643,370
System and method for pre-stretching a preform

56. 9,643,369
Metallic mold structure, transfer molding apparatus, transfer molding method, and optical member forming apparatus

55. 9,643,368
Microlayer coextrusion of optical end products

54. 9,643,367
Method for producing a composite mirror and composite mirror obtained with same

53. 9,643,366
Method and device for producing a lens wafer

52. 9,643,364
Molded parts

51. 9,643,363
Manufacture of a structural composites component

50. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top   

50. 9,643,362
Full color three-dimensional object fabrication

49. 9,643,361
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional additive manufacturing with a high energy high power ultrafast laser

48. 9,643,360
Self-hardening material and process for layerwise formation of models

47. 9,643,359
Method and device for production of three-dimensional objects by means of electromagnetic radiation and application of an absorber by means of an ink-jet method

46. 9,643,354
Molding apparatus and battery tray manufactured thereby

45. 9,643,353
Mill-style blow molding wheel mechanism and method of manufacturing using the same

44. 9,643,352
Batch mixer with plunger

43. 9,643,351
Injection molding machines and methods for accounting for changes in material properties during injection molding runs

42. 9,643,350
Wet-out prevent method using laminate for injection molding process

41. 9,643,349
Insert molded splits in housings

40  xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top  

40. 9,643,348
Method for recycling waste thermoplastic materials and using this recycled thermoplastic in composite material production

39. 9,643,347
Heat-resistant laminated conveyer belt

38. 9,643,346
Method and device for producing a seamless circumferentially closed flexible embossing tape and embossing tape

37. 9,643,345
Resin molding apparatus and resin molding method

36. 9,643,344
UV curing method and an assembly therefor

35. 9,643,343
Method for molding recycled EPS using powder adhesive and steam

34. 9,643,341
Mold comprising shells and at least one slide

33. 9,643,340
Recycling of broad goods with thermoplastic stabilizer materials

32. 9,643,339
Sheet manufacturing apparatus and defibration unit

31. 9,643,336
Vertically moving horizontal mixer assembly with high efficiency blade and stator design

30. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

30. 9,643,157
Hydrogel composition

29. 9,643,156
Oxygen-absorbing film, oxygen-absorbing laminate, oxygen-absorbing packaging material comprising oxygen-absorbing laminate, and oxygen-absorbing resin composition

28. 9,643,155
Absorbent laminate provided with absorbent film, electronic device containing same, and method for producing same

27. 9,643,154
Process for preparing carbon dioxide adsorbent and carbon dioxide capture module containing the adsorbent

26. 9,643,153
Membrane-supported catalyst removal in the epoxidation of cyclic unsaturated C12 compounds, for example cyclododecene (CDEN)

25. 9,643,144
Method to generate and disperse nanostructures in a composite material

24. 9,643,131
Hydrophilic porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane (I)

23. 9,643,130
Hydrophilically modified fluorinated membrane (IV)

22. 9,643,129
Non-braided, textile-reinforced hollow fiber membrane

21. 9,643,128
Thin film composite membrane derived from tetra-functional acyl halide monomer

20. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

20. 9,643,063
Golf balls incorporating at least one thermoset and/or thermoplastic layer/coating/film via reactive spray

19. 9,643,062
Golf ball incorporating at least three adjacent ionomeric and/or HNP-based layers having multiple related property gradients there between

18. 9,643,061
Multi-layer core golf ball

17. 9,643,060
Multi-layer core golf ball

16. 9,643,059
Golf ball incorporating ultra violet light resistant and light stable layer(s) and method of making

15. 9,643,058
Dual cured castable hybrid polyurethane/polyurea system for use in golf balls

14. 9,643,057
Golf balls with oxygen and moisture blocking protective paint layer

13. 9,643,056
Golf ball with RFID inlay between a split core

12. 9,642,914
Photocrosslinked biodegradable hydrogel

11. 9,642,815
Biocompatible graphene quantum dots for drug delivery and bioimaging applications

10. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning  Top

10. 9,642,814
Microencapsulation technique and products thereof

9. 9,642,782
Dental restorative material

8. 9,642,781
Glass fillers for composites

7. 9,642,736
Thermoformable splint structure with integrally associated oxygen activated heater and method of manufacturing same

6. 9,642,731
Degradable polyester stent and preparation method thereof

5. 9,642,730
Processes for making crush recoverable polymer scaffolds

4. 9,642,729
Reducing crimping damage to a polymer scaffold

3. 9,642,700
Prosthetic heart valve having a polymeric stent

2. 9,642,416
Polyurethane injected boot assembly and associated manufacturing method

1. 9,642,360
Antimicrobial polymers formed by bulk polyaddition

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