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8/1/2017  Unsorted US Plastics Patents©

8/8/2017  through 8/8/2017


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Week 31 (8/1/2017)

9,717,171 through 9,723,770

6600 new patents published  

129patents selected.

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129. 9,720,363
Layer transfusion with rotatable belt for additive manufacturing

128. 9,720,286
Alignment material, alignment layer, liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof

127. 9,720,282
Liquid crystal aligning agent and liquid crystal display device

126. 9,720,281
Optical laminate for front surface of in-cell touch panel liquid crystal element and in-cell touch panel liquid crystal display device using same

125. 9,720,280
Compensation film and optical film, and display device

124. 9,720,173
Printing of liquid crystal droplet laser resonators on a wet polymer solution and product made therewith

123. 9,719,983
Method for stabilizing quantum-dots

122. 9,719,980
Devices and methods for determining the length of biopolymers and distances between probes bound thereto

121. 9,719,979
Methods of identifying crosslinking molecules for polymers

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120. 9,719,177
In-situ conditioning for vacuum processing of polymer substrates

119. 9,719,170
Patterned block copolymer structure with oxide lines for line density multiplication

118. 9,719,121
Production of glucan polymers from alternate sucrose sources

117. 9,719,120
Enzymes for starch processing

116. 9,719,030
Epoxide-based hydrogen sulfide scavengers

115. 9,719,022
Methods for separating a feed material derived from a process for recovering bitumen from oil sands

114. 9,719,021
Rapid thermal processing of heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks

113. 9,719,020
Systems, apparatus and methods for optimizing the pyrolysis of biomass using thermal expansion

112. 9,719,019
Flame-retardant materials and systems

111. 9,719,007
Alkylated polyetheramines as clay stabilizing agents

110. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

110. 9,719,006
Biodegradable additive concentrate improving the lubricity of aqueous sludges, use thereof and aqueous sludge for drilling

109. 9,719,005
Associated copolymer and preparation method thereof, and drilling fluid

108. 9,719,002
Composition and use of vinylidene fluoride and blends thereof

107. 9,719,000
Hot melt adhesive and method of forming the same

106. 9,718,999
Photocurable composition having adhesive properties

105. 9,718,998
Adhesive composition and method

104. 9,718,997

103. 9,718,996
Composition and method for temporarily fixing member using same

102. 9,718,995
Compositions with enhanced flexibility

101. 9,718,994
Conductive adhesive tape and manufacturing method thereof

100. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

100. 9,718,992
Profiled protective tape for rotor blades of wind turbine generators

99. 9,718,988
Crosslinkable composition comprising a latent base catalyst and latent base catalyst compositions

98. 9,718,987
Blocked bio-based carboxylic acids and their use in thermosetting materials

97. 9,718,986
Epoxy resin blend

96. 9,718,985
Method for coating pipe with acid-curable resin and acid curing agent

95. 9,718,984
Multi-acid multi-base graft copolymer dispersants

94. 9,718,982
Paste resin

93. 9,718,974
Radiation-curable compounds

92. 9,718,923
High molecular weight, monoesterified polymide polymer containing a small amount of bulky diamine

91. 9,718,922
Polymerization enhanced by nanostructures under X-ray irradiation

90. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

90. 9,718,921
Amphiphilic derivatives of thioether containing block copolypeptides

89. 9,718,920
Reactive polyoxazolines having a perfluorinated group

88. 9,718,919
Radically polymerizable polyether, method for producing said radically polymerizable polyether, polymerizable composition comprising said radically polymerizable polyether and radically polymerizable vinyl monomer, and copolymer, molded article and film each formed by radical polymerization of said polymerizable composition

87. 9,718,918
Process to prepare high heat polycarbonates

86. 9,718,917
Production and use of new thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers based on polyether carbonate polyols

85. 9,718,916
Lightfast polyurethane compositions

84. 9,718,915
Polyurethanes made with copper catalysts

83. 9,718,914
Mechanically robust linked particle networks

82. 9,718,913
Carbinol-terminated polymers containing amine

81. 9,718,912
Carbinol-terminated polymers containing allylamine

80. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

80. 9,718,911
End-modified conjugated diene polymer and method for preparing the same

79. 9,718,910
Article and active energy ray-curable resin composition

78. 9,718,909
Polymer compound and organic light-emitting display device having thin-film encapsulation structure including the polymer compound

77. 9,718,908
Polymer products and multi-stage polymerization processes for the production thereof

76. 9,718,907
Ziegler-Natta--metallocene dual catalyst systems with activator-supports

75. 9,718,906
Processes to form ethylene-based polymers using asymmetrical polyenes

74. 9,718,905
Polythiophene, water-soluble electrically conductive polymer using it, and method for producing it

73. 9,718,904
Microdroplet or microparticle with Janus or core-shell internal morphology fabricated from N-isopropylacrylamide

72. 9,718,903
Polypropylene for reduced plate out in polymer article production processes

71. 9,718,902
Process for the polymerization of propylene

70. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

70. 9,718,901
Resin composition and pattern forming method using the same

69. 9,718,900
Ligands for catalysts

68. 9,718,899
Anionic polymerization initiator having anionic terminal comprising amine group, production method for modified conjugated diene-based copolymer using same, and rubber composition comprising modified conjugated diene-based copolymer produced in accordance therewith

67. 9,718,898
Homogeneous polymerization catalyst for alpha olefins

66. 9,718,897
Process for the polymerization or copolymerization of an alpha olefin

65. 9,718,896
Controlling a polyolefin reaction

64. 9,718,895
Process for producing acrylic rubber/fluorinated rubber composition, crosslinkable composition, laminate and heat resistant air rubber hose

63. 9,718,733
Amphoteric betaine-type polycarboxylate superplasticizer and preparation method thereof

62. 9,718,730
Reinforcing fiber and material formed therewith

61. 9,718,729
Biocides for bio-based binders, fibrous insulation products and wash water systems

60. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

60. 9,718,676
Polymeric nanopillars and nanotubes, their manufacture and uses

59. 9,718,619
Chain conveyor for plastics material pre-forms

58. 9,718,587
Synthetic resin cap, synthetic resin cap liner, closing device, and beverage-contained closing device

57. 9,718,262
Roll forming composite components

56. 9,718,260
Biaxially stretched polyamide resin film

55. 9,718,259
Multilayer injection-molded body

54. 9,718,258
Multi-layered film containing a biopolymer

53. 9,718,252
Product with internal passages made of stacked sheets with compressive casing

52. 9,718,250
Directed assembly of block copolymer films between a chemically patterned surface and a second surface

51. 9,718,248
Thermoplastic composite structures embedded with at least one load fitting and methods of manufacturing same

50. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top   

50. 9,718,245
Combination apparatus of cold isostatic press and general press

49. 9,718,243
Method of manufacturing a rigid repair wrap including a laminate disposed laterally within the repair wrap

48. 9,718,242
Semi-IPN polyurethane/polyurea protective films

47. 9,718,241
Method of manufacturing an acetabular component

46. 9,718,240
Overmolding extruded profiles

45. 9,718,239
Three dimensional printing apparatus and three dimensional printing method

44. 9,718,237
Rigid structure UHMWPE UD and composite and the process of making

43. 9,718,236
Method of manufacturing custom sized plastic tote having intermediate sleeve

42. 9,718,233
Method and apparatus for producing laid fibre fabrics and component preforms made of fibres

41. 9,718,232
Containers and apparatus and method for fabricating and filling containers

40  xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top  

40. 9,718,231
High pressure relief assembly and assembly locking device for use with extruders

39. 9,718,230
Multilayer blown films for shrink applications

38. 9,718,229
Methods of using retrofitted injection molding machines with reduced temperatures

37. 9,718,228
Mold and method of making a mold

36. 9,718,227
Device and method for producing injection-molded parts which comprise different components

35. 9,718,226
Method of injection molding

34. 9,718,225
Heat resistant toughened thermoplastic composition for injection molding

33. 9,718,224
Injection-molded circuit carrier

32. 9,718,223
Device for applying a foaming reaction mixture

31. 9,718,221
Methods, systems, and devices for radio-frequency assisted removal of sealant

30. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

30. 9,718,220
Foam form for casting wood fired oven

29. 9,718,219
Temperature control device for a shaping tool and method of controlling same

28. 9,718,218
Materials for powder-based additive manufacturing processes

27. 9,718,217
Kneading apparatus, method for producing thermoplastic resin molded product, and foam injection molding method

26. 9,718,216
Extruder screw

25. 9,718,212
Method for producing the molded body

24. 9,718,211
Device for producing absorbent body

23. 9,718,085
Hot melt adhesive applicator system with small footprint

22. ,718,065
Method of plant resin separation and extraction

21. 9,718,064
Submicron grinding mill

20. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

20. 9,718,063
Press roll for a roll press

19. 9,718,062
Crusher with adjustable closed side setting

18. 9,718,033
Uncrosslinked, high molecular weight, polyimide polymer containing a small amount of bulky diamine

17. 9,718,032
Uncrosslinked, high molecular weight, monoesterified polyimide polymer containing a small amount of bulky diamine

16. 9,718,031
Composite hollow fiber membranes useful for CO.sub.2 removal from natural gas

15. 9,718,030
Method for producing acid gas separation composite membrane, and acid gas separation membrane module

14. 9,718,013
Formation and immobilization of small particles by using polyelectrolyte multilayers

13. 9,718,012
Fine fiber media layer

12. 9,717,957
Multi-layer core golf ball

11. 9,717,956
Stiff core golf ball and methods of making same

10. 9,717,955
Golf ball

10. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning  Top

10. 9,717,954
Method of forming a cured elastomer and articles of the cured elastomer

9. 9,717,819
Polyurea-based fabric glue

8. 9,717,818
Absorbent articles having antimicrobial properties and methods of manufacturing the same

7. 9,717,798
Polymeric colorant compositions and methods of use

6. 9,717,797
Polycarbonates bearing aromatic N-heterocycles for drug delivery

5. 9,717,796
Heat sterilizeable, premixed, ready to use dexmedetomidine solution packaged in a flexible plastic container

4. 9,717,610
Fiber reinforced composite stents

3. 9,717,301
Composite shoe sole, footwear constituted thereof and method producing the same

2. 9,717,239
Cellulose ether as a drift control agent and rainfastness agent

1. 9,717,173
Molded boot for dispensing seeds and multiple treatments

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