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9/26017  Unsorted US Plastics Patents©

10/6/2017  through 10/6/2017


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Week 39 (9/26/2017)

9,769,971 through 9,775,270

5300 new patents published  

128 patents selected.

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128. 9,772,023
Fiber reinforced resin gear, method of forming fiber reinforced resin gear by injection molding, fiber reinforced resin rotary body, method of forming fiber reinforced resin rotary body by injection molding

127. 9,771,687
Crosslinked cellulose as precursor in production of high-grade cellulose derivatives and related technology

126. 9,771,681
Method for producing sizing agent-coated carbon fibers, and sizing agent-coated carbon fibers

125. 9,771,680
Method of characterizing an article made of composite material

124. 9,771,675
Patterned air-laid nonwoven fibrous webs and methods of making and using same

123. 9,771,669
Use, stabilization and carbonization of polyacrylonitrile/carbon composite fibers

122. 9,771,668
Chitosan fiber

121. 9,771,519
Liquid crystal display element and method for manufacturing same

120. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning   Top   

120. 9,771,516
Erosion control substrate and methods of use

119. 9,771,514
Sealant, preparation method thereof, curing method, and display apparatus

118. 9,771,512
Automatic flow control in mixing fracturing gel

117. 9,771,510
Swellable compositions for borehole applications

116. 9,771,509
Polymer elastic particle reservoir protecting agent and drilling fluid containing the same

115. 9,771,508
Thermal interface materials including thermally reversible gels

114. 9,771,503
Flat tire sealing material

113. 9,771,502
Adhesive formulation and also method for the treatment of reinforcing inserts

112. 9,771,501
Galvanized metal bonding adhesive formulation and process for the use thereof

111. 9,771,500
Sealant composition for electronic device

110. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

110. 9,771,499
Adhesive having structural integrity and insulative properties

109. 9,771,498
Moisture curable polyamides and methods for using the same

108. 9,771,495
Low temperature segmented copolymer compositions and methods

107. 9,771,492
Thermoplastic pavement marking composition and method

106. 9,771,491
Laminated film and method for producing same

105. 9,771,490
Inks for 3D printing gradient refractive index (GRIN) optical components

104. 9,771,488
Self-crosslinking dispersions, and methods for making and using the same

103. 9,771,487
Method of three-dimensional printing

102. 9,771,485
Metallic nanoparticle dispersion

101. 9,771,479
Halogen-free resin composition and use thereof

100. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

100. 9,771,478
Dispersion of microcapsules for self-healing applications

99. 9,771,477
Polycarbonate resin composition, method for producing same and molded article of this resin composition

98. 9,771,476
Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article using the same

97. 9,771,475
Liquid crystal polyester composition, method for producing liquid crystal polyester composition, and molded article

96. 9,771,474
Hydrostability of polybutylene terephthalate composition

95. 9,771,473
High flow, hydrogenated styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymers and applications

94. 9,771,472
UV hardening composition having improved light resistance, three dimensional film and method for manufacturing the same

93. 9,771,471
Latex composition for dip molding and dip-molded article produced therefrom

92. 9,771,470
Rubber polymer and method of preparing the same

91. 9,771,469
Tire with tread for combination of low temperature performance and for wet traction

90. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

90. 9,771,468
Light weight structural materials

89. 9,771,467
Thermoplastic resin composition and article comprising the same

88. 9,771,466
Glycol ether-based cyclohexanoate ester plasticizers and blends therefrom

87. 9,771,465
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and molded article comprising same

86. 9,771,464
Insulating material for rotating machines

85. 9,771,463
Reduced density hollow glass microsphere polymer composite

84. 9,771,462
Sulfur-containing organic-inorganic hybrid gel compositions and aerogels

83. 9,771,461
Method for producing rubber composition and rubber composition

82. 9,771,460
Method of applying a binder composition to a lignocellulosic substrate

81. 9,771,459
Curable siloxane compositions

80. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

80. 9,771,458
Reactive functional siloxane compositions

79. 9,771,457
Process for the preparation of a polythioethersulfide

78. 9,771,456
Polyimide resins containing polymaleic anhydride and method for manufacturing the same

77. Paving binder

76. 9,771,454
Method of production of polyether rubber

75. 9,771,453
Process of producing polycarbonate by copolymerization of carbon dioxide and epoxide using the same as catalyst

74. 9,771,452
Plastic composition comprising a polycarbonate made from low sulfur bisphenol A, and articles made therefrom

73. 9,771,451
Method for producing polycarbonate according to the phase interface method

72. 9,771,450
Epoxy composition

71. 9,771,449
Synthesizing nanocapsules containing reactive amine

70. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

70. Olefin-based resin, method for producing same and propylene-based resin composition

69. Low and medium voltage cable joint filled with cold thermosetting resin and kit for the deployment thereof

68. 9,771,446
Controlling the placement of comonomer in an ethylene copolymer

67. 9,771,445
Process for the preparation of an ethylene copolymer in a tubular reactor

66. 9,771,444
Low crystalline polymer compositions

65. 9,771,443
Chain transfer agent for addition mass polymerization of polycycloolefinic monomers

64. 9,771,442
Polymerization initiating system and method to produce highly reactive olefin functional polymers

63. 9,771,441
Preparation method of a polypropylene and a polypropylene obtained therefrom

62. 9,771,440
Preparation of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

61. 9,771,439
Polymerization process in the presence of an antistatic composition

60. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

60. 9,771,438
Methacrylic resin composition, its molded product, and method of producing the composition

59. 9,771,437
Polyelectrolytic polymers, process for their preparation and uses thereof

58. 9,771,436
Method for forming polymer using boron compound, polymerization initiator and the polymer

57. 9,771,435
Production of textile from citrus fruit

56. 9,771,310
Styrenated phenol useful as curing agent or plasticizing agent for epoxy resin

55. 9,771,268
Nano-diamond dispersion solution and method for preparing same

54. 9,771,267
Method for making carbon nanotube needle

53. 9,771,266
Method and apparatus for processing carbon nanotubes

52. 9,771,265
Methods for manufacturing fullerenes

51. 9,771,264
Controlled-orientation films and nanocomposites including nanotubes or other nanostructures

50. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top   

50. 9,771,173
Reduction in stress cracking of films

49. 9,770,892
Induction welding process and device for parts made of composite materials

48. 9,770,891
Prosthetic liner with continuous distal end area

47. 9,770,890
Apparatus and method for manufacturing thin film, electro-chemical device and method for manufacturing electro-chemical device

46. 9,770,889
Composite plate structure and flexible apparatus

45. 9,770,888
Laminated glazing for use as a head-up display screen

44. 9,770,885
Outer skin material for vacuum heat insulator including glass fiber and vacuum heat insulator including the same

43. 9,770,884
Metal-resin composite and method for producing the same

42. 9,770,883
Fuel containment autonomous self-sealing system

41. 9,770,882
Honeycomb structure element

40  xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top  

40. 9,770,881
Energy absorbing tubes and methods of making the same

39. 9,770,879
Press drive with several modes of operating a press and method for operating a press drive

38. 9,770,876
Method of manufacturing an object

37. 9,770,874
Method for producing a component from a fibre composite, preform therefor, and component

36. 9,770,873
System and method for optimizing composite laminate structures

35. 9,770,872
Method of fabricating fiber reinforced composite structure having stepped surface

34. 9,770,871
Method and apparatus for layup placement

33. 9,770,870
Method and apparatus for manufacturing structure

32. 9,770,869
Additive manufacturing with virtual planarization control

31. 9,770,868
Three-dimensional printing module and three-dimensional printing apparatus using the same

30. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

30. 9,770,867
Method and material system for building models in layers

29. 9,770,866
Multi-dimensional component build system and process

28. 9,770,862
Method of making adhesion between an optical waveguide structure and thermoplastic polymers

27. 9,770,861
Method of manufacturing fuel tanks by blow moulding

26. 9,770,860
Method to detect and remove gas bubbles from molten substrate to prevent hollow fiber formation

25. 9,770,859
Apparatus for producing laminated fabric ply strips

24. 9,770,858
Mold interlocks

23. 9,770,857
Injection molding system

22. 9,770,856
Composite molded article having two-layer structure

21. 9,770,854
Deep drawn microcellularly foamed polymeric containers made via solid-state gas impregnation thermoforming

20. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

20. 9,770,853
Apparatus and method for forming a design on an expanded bead foam article

19. 9,770,852
Powder press or powder press adapter, and method for operating a powder press

18. 9,770,849
Method of making a sandwich-type, compression-molded, composite component having improved surface appearance

17. 9,770,846
Method for producing and monitoring an object at least partially made of plastic, and component

16. 9,770,845
Post-consumer scrap film recycling system and process

15. 9,770,844
Fibre reinforced composites

14. 9,770,843
Apparatus and method for melting and dispensing thermoplastic material

13. 9,770,842
Cutting apparatus

12. 9,770,841
Hot press and method of using

11. 9,770,709
Compositions comprising functionalized carbon-based nanostructures and related methods

10. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning  Top

10. 9,770,630
Golf ball cores having foam center and thermoset outer layers with hardness gradients

9. 9,770,629
Golf ball resin composition and golf ball

8. 9,770,608
Multi-capsule compositions

7. 9,770,539
Pendant hydrophile bearing biodegradable compositions and related devices

6. 9,770,529
Tissue repair scaffold

5. 9,770,528
Biomaterial compositions

4. 9,770,527
Cross-linked polymers and implants derived from electrophilically activated polyoxazoline

3. 9,770,526
Absorbent article

2. 9,770,519
Protein-polymer-drug conjugates

1. 9,770,368
Foam wound inserts with regions of higher and lower densities, wound dressings, and methods

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