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1/30/2018  Unsorted US Plastics Patents©

2/7/2018  through 2/7/2018


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Week 5 (1/30/2018)

9,877,421 through 9,883,620  

6200 new patents published  

148 patents selected.

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148. 9,879,474
Polycarbonate based rapid deployment cover system

147. 9,879,364
Polymer compositions for staple and multifilament fibers

146. 9,879,363
Method for preparing a nanofiber or non-woven mat

145. 9,879,362
Method for producing nanofibers capable of storing and transferring nitric oxide and nanofibers capable of storing and transferring nitric oxide produced thereby

144. 9,879,361
Surface enhanced pulp fibers, methods of making surface enhanced pulp fibers, products incorporating surface enhanced pulp fibers, and methods of making products incorporating surface enhanced pulp fibers

143. 9,879,219
Method of producing a chitinous polymer derived from fungal mycelium

142. 9,879,218
Methods for the production of diatom biomass

141. 9,879,172
Modified hydroxyethyl cellulosic polymers for improved well bore fluids and related uses

140. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning    Top  

140. 9,879,170
Reversible aminal gel compositions, methods, and use

139. 9,879,167
Nanofluids containing carbon nanotubes and metal oxide nanoparticle composites with enhanced heat transfer and heat capacity properties

138. 9,879,166
Encapsulation of thermal energy storage media

137. 9,879,167
Nanofluids containing carbon nanotubes and metal oxide nanoparticle composites with enhanced heat transfer and heat capacity properties

136. 9,879,166
Encapsulation of thermal energy storage media

135. 9,879,152
Block copolymers for directed self-assembly applications

134. 9,879,150
Non-aqueous sound-deadening composition containing a non-pulverulent polyacrylate binder and a radically polymerizable compound

133. 9,879,149
Organic resin bearing cyclic carbonate groups and aqueous dispersion for crosslinked polyurethanes

132. 9,879,142
Microencapsulation of organic silanes and their use as self healing materials

131. 9,879,141
Tunable materials

130. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

130. 9,879,138
Durable thermosets from reducing sugars and primary polyamines

129. 9,879,137
Flame retardant poly(hexamethylene adipamide)

128. 9,879,136
Flame retardant poly(hexano-6-lactam)

127. 9,879,135
Chemical treatment apparatus for diluting and activating polymers and methods thereof

126. 9,879,134
Modified heterophasic polyolefin composition

125. 9,879,133
Foam compositions and uses thereof

124. 9,879,132
Release agent and use thereof in the production of moulded polyurethane articles

123. 9,879,131
Rubber compositions and uses thereof

122. 9,879,130
Additive for rubber, and rubber composition obtained by blending same

121. 9,879,129
Rubber compostion and pneumatic tire using the same

120. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning   Top   

120. 9,879,128
Multiple-function filler materials

119. 9,879,127
Semiaromatic polyamide resin composition and molded body formed by molding same

118. 9,879,126
Curable organopolysiloxane composition for transducers and applications of such curable silicone composition for transducers

117. 9,879,125
Thermoplastic polyurethane foamed articles comprising a thermoplastic polyurethane composition and an epoxy, functional styrene acrylic copolymer

116. 9,879,124
Method for manufacturing water-insoluble molded article and water-insoluble molded article

115. 9,879,123
Fiber-reinforced polypropylene resin composition, molding material and prepreg

114. 9,879,122
Super absorbent polymer and method of preparing the same

113. 9,879,121
Flame-retardant, cross-linked EPDM rubber

112. 9,879,120
Resin for precipitation of minerals and salts, methods of manufacture and uses thereof

111. 9,879,119
Lignin product and process for making same

110. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

110. 9,879,118
Polymers from stabilized imines

109. 9,879,117
Photochemical cross-linkable polymers, methods of making photochemical cross-linkable polymers, methods of using photochemical cross-linkable polymers, and methods of making articles containing photochemical cross-linkable polymers

108. 9,879,116
Bromine-containing polyether polymers and methods for producing the same

107. 9,879,115
Zinc catalyst/additive system for the polymerization of epoxide monomers

106. 9,879,114
Process for the production of low molecular weight polyoxyalkylene polyols

105. 9,879,113
Glycidyl esters of alpha, alpha branched acids compositions

104. 9,879,112
Polymer network material comprising a poly(glycidyl ether) structure, method of its production and use

103. 9,879,111
Resin mixture based on vinyl ester urethane resin and use thereof

102. 9,879,110
Block copolymers

101. 9,879,109
Rubber composition for tires, tire member, and pneumatic tire

100. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

100. 9,879,108
Composition, cured film, color filter, laminate, and pigment dispersant

99. 9,879,107
Fluorinated copolymer

98. 9,879,106
Producing polyolefin products

97. 9,879,105
Polyolefin composition and method of producing the same

96. 9,879,104
Process to produce ethylene conjugated diene copolymers and copolymers therefrom

95. 9,879,103
Initiation of controlled radical polymerization from lactide monomer

94. 9,879,102
Mixed decyl mercaptans compositions and use thereof as chain transfer agents

93. 9,879,101
Long chain branched polymers and methods of making same

92. 9,879,100
Catalyst system for the polymerisation and/or oligomerisation of olefins and process utilizing the catalyst system

91. 9,879,099
Polyethylene composition having high stress cracking resistance

90. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

90. 9,879,098
Mitigation of wax levels in the high pressure low density polyethylene process

89. 9,879,037
Fluorine-containing phosphate ester-amide, and flame retardant resin, flame retardant liquid and flame retardant solvent for organic synthesis containing same

88. 9,878,957
Catalyst material extraction from polycrystalline diamond tables

87. 9,878,956
Polycrystalline diamond and manufacturing method thereof, scribe tool, scribing wheel, dresser, rotating tool, orifice for water jet, wiredrawing die, cutting tool, and electron emission source

86. 9,878,947
Polyvinyl alcohol engineered ductile mortar and method of making the same

85. 9,878,914
Polycrystalline diamond and manufacturing method thereof

84. 9,878,913
Graphene formation

83. 9,878,912
Method for preparing multi-wall carbon nanotubes using chemical vapor deposition with an atomization system

82. 9,878,911
Carbon aerogels, process for their preparation and their use

81. 9,878,816
Systems for compensating for vacuum pressure changes within a plastic container

80. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

80. 9,878,581
Laminate, inner liner material and pneumatic tire

79. 9,878,580
Rubber composition for pneumatic tires for construction vehicles

78. 9,878,579
Traction mat

77. 9,878,530
Laser cutting method and articles produced therewith

76. 9,878,529
Adhesive disposable container

75. 9,878,528
Preparation method of graphene/metal composite board

74. 9,878,527
Method for applying adhesive media to paper

73. 9,878,526
Method of making a sandwich-type composite panel having a cellulose-based core and a living hinge and panel obtained by performing the method

72. 9,878,525
Manufacturing method of composite film

71. 9,878,523
Laminated film

70. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

70. 9,878,521
Method for producing resin molded body and graphite sheet laminate

69. 9,878,520
Adhesive sheet

68. 9,878,519
Fender for straddled vehicles and straddled vehicle

67. 9,878,517
Voluminous nonwoven composite and method for producing same

66. 9,878,516
Metamaterial thin films

65. 9,878,515
Packaged hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive

64. 9,878,514
Apparatus and method for producing a thatch roofing material for building construction

63. 9,878,513
Decorative material rolling mill having adjustable roll gap

62. 9,878,512
Methods and machine for forming a shipping and display container from a blank assembly using a pre-fold mandrel section

61. 9,878,511
Rubber bales and apparatus and method for making same

60. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top

60. 9,878,510
Pressing apparatus and stamp press apparatus

59. 9,878,509
Shoe mold structure

58. 9,878,508
Stiffness enhanced tread element

57. 9,878,507
Retroflective sheeting

56. 9,878,506
Compliant yet tough hydrogel systems as ultrasound transmission agents

55. 9,878,505
Tool and a method for forming and assembling beams of composite material

54. 9,878,504
Manufacture of a root section having supporting rods and fibers therebetween

53. 9,878,503
Method for preparing composite structures and consumable assembly therefor

52. 9,878,502
Device and method for processing a fibre compound structure

51. 9,878,501
Method of manufacturing a frangible blade

50. xxxxxxxxx Beginning Top   

50. 9,878,500
Composite semifinished products, molded parts produced therefrom, and molded parts produced directly based on hydroxy-functionalized (meth)acrylates, which are cross-linked by means of uretdiones in a thermosetting manner

49. 9,878,499
Elastic composite structure

48. 9,878,498
Method and apparatus for removing support material

47. 9,878,497
Method and device for controlling an irradiation system

46. 9,878,496
System and method for mixing a stereolithography resin

45. 9,878,495
Three-dimensional printing of large objects

44. 9,878,494
Device for constructing models in layers

43. 9,878,493
Spray charging and discharging system for polymer spray deposition device

42. 9,878,492
3D printing method that enables arraying horizontal filaments without support

41. 9,878,491
Seal carving apparatus and seal carving method

40  xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top  

40. 9,878,490
Laser beam welding method and molded components fabricated thereby

39. 9,878,489
Spin-welding of polymeric components having large surface area or non-complementary weld interfaces

38. 9,878,488
Vacuum thermal insulation material

37. 9,878,487
Multi-shape product

36. 9,878,486
High flash point fluids for in situ plasticization of polymers

35. 9,878,485
Method and apparatus for producing embossed structures in radiation-curing materials

34. 9,878,484
Horizontal intermittent motion thermoforming machine

33. 9,878,483
Clamp for gripping a hollow body such as a container preform or a container

32. 9,878,482
Apparatus for conveying containers made of plastic material

31. 9,878,481
Extruder for three-dimensional printers

30. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

30. 9,878,480
Method for making polymer feedstock usable for generation of fiber having anti-microbial properties

29. 9,878,479
Method to direct compound extruded structure for the production of irradiation crosslinked polypropylene foam

28. 9,878,478
Roller device for treating flat material, in particular for smoothing foils or plates, smoothing device, and method for producing flat material, in particular foils or plates

27. 9,878,477
Injection molding flow control apparatus and method

26. 9,878,476
System and process for molding polymeric articles while reducing gate blush

25. 9,878,475
Transfer molding method, mold, and molded article

24. 9,878,474
System and method for making hollow foam balls and other molded objects

23. 9,878,473
Multilayer contact lens and production process therefor

22. 9,878,472
Method for fabricating ultra-low density three-dimensional thin film structure based on photo-lithography

21. 9,878,471
Foam gasket and bonding tape based on polyurethane dispersions

20. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning Top

20. 9,878,470
Resin container for stereolithography

19. 9,878,469

18. 9,878,468
Method for manufacturing articles from e-waste feedstocks

17. 9,878,302
Graphene and carbon nanotube compositions

16. 9,878,301
Method and composition for the remediation of contaminants

15. 9,878,297
Apparatus for processing a biomass

14. 9,878,292
Method for manufacturing sheet-shaped separation membrane

13. 9,878,213
Golf balls having dual-layered cores with metal-containing centers and thermoplastic outer cores

12. 9,878,212
Golf ball dimple shape

11. 9,878,190
Flame retardant and fire extinguishing product for fires in solid materials

10. xxxxxxxxx  Beginning  Top

10. 9,878,133
Inflatable imbibed polymer devices

9. 9,878,102
Automatic injection devices having overmolded gripping surfaces

8. 9,878,101
Cyclic olefin polymer vessels and vessel coating methods

7. 9,878,069
Mineralized collagen-based femoral head support device

6. 9,878,067
Histo-equivalent bioplastic material

5. 9,878,066
Crosslinked gels comprising polyalkyleneimines, and their uses as medical device

4. 9,878,065
Stiff nanocomposite film for use in an absorbent article

3. 9,877,559
Methods for shaping fibrous material and treatment compositions therefor

2. 9,877,441
Elastomeric emitter and methods relating to same

1. 9,877,440
Elastomeric emitter and methods relating to same

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