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2/28/2017 from 2/28/2018

Consciousness is a serious of notes about consciousness and existence.  The point of the these notes is to provide discusion items, definition, basis including references and efinitions.  As we get older it is becoming more and more difficult to remember what we discussed and so on.  These notes are to help us remember and provide some background for discussion.  Participants are invited to contribute comments and other material for inclusion.  

The first key item is definitions.  Whenever possible, the start of any diiscussion will be the definition.  The first step will be to present to the group the definition and get agreement which will be recorded.  

We very likely will not agree on points of belief but we should be able to agree on definitiions.  Once wew agree of definition we can start to build a belief strucuture.  It will be very interesting to see the different beliefs that come from these definitions.

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