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7/21/2014 through  1/29/2013

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What is 3D printing and how does it work?

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D-printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

It starts with making a virtual design of the object that is to be created. This virtual design is made in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file using a 3D-modeling program (for the creation of a totally new object) or with the use of a 3D scanner (to copy an existing object). A 3D scanner makes a 3D digital copy of an object.

Reference: 3dprinting.com/.../what-is-3d-printing


Patent Abstracts

6. 8,394,874 
Method and aqueous adhesive composition for the production of panels made from vegetable matter 

Graux and Mentink of Roquette Freres, France, developed an adhesive  including  vegetable starch the amylose content of which is between 30 and 60%.  This adhesive is used forming lignocelluloses panel by hot pressing.  The emissions of formaldehyde vapor are minimized as low as possible during processing and later use.  .

5. 8,288,479 
Propylene-based polymer, propylene-based polymer composition, pellet and pressure-sensitive adhesive
Akai et al of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Japan, developed propylene-based materials for pressure-sensitive adhesives to various adherends, which show a desired initial adhesion and will not contaminate the adherends and which have excellent pellet handling properties. The propylene-based polymer (A) includes 65 to 80 mol % of a structural unit derived from propylene, 5 to 10 mol % of a structural unit derived from ethylene and 15 to 25 mol % of a structural unit derived from a C4-20 .alpha.-olefin (wherein these percentages are calculated based on 100 mol % of the total of the structural unit derived from propylene, the structural unit derived from ethylene and the structural unit derived from a C4-20 .alpha.-olefin) and has a heat of crystal fusion of 5 to 45 (J/g) as measured by DSC. (RDC 11/1/2012)

4. 8,242,036 
Adhesive resin composition and laminate
Ikeda of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan, developed a packaging adhesive consisting of 10-99.5 wt% (A), 0.5-30 wt%  unsaturated-carboxylic-acid-modified polypropylene and 0-89.5 wt% another olefin resin.  A consists of  10-60 wt% propylene homopolymer and 40-90 wt% propylene/ethylene copolymer.. (RDC 8/29/2012)

3. 8,211,977 
Polymeric compositions with adhesive properties
Wautier and Gauthy of Solvay, Belgium, developed an adhesive consisting of (1) at least one fluoropolymer (A) grafted by at least one compound (a), wherein the compound (a) contains at least one functional group (f1) capable of conferring adhesion properties on the fluoropolymer; (2) at least one olefin polymer (B) grafted by at least one compound (b), wherein the compound (b) contains at least one functional group (f2) capable of conferring adhesion properties on the olefin polymer and of reacting with the functional group (f1) contained in the compound (a); and (3) at least one polymer (C) chosen from polyesters and polyamides. (RDC 7/10/2012)

2. 8,211,530 
Adhesive fillets and method and apparatus for making same
Mead and Potter of Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, formed shaped adhesive fillets by stacking multiple layers of adhesive sheets, consolidating the stacked layers, cutting strips from the consolidated layers and forming the strips into adhesive fillets having the desired cross sectional shapes.  The fillets may be formed by feeding the strips through an apparatus comprising opposing rollers and a catcher, which facilitates release of the adhesive fillets from the rollers. The formed adhesive fillets are useful for applications such as stiffened panels for aircraft. (RDC 7/9/2012)


Patent Titles




Waterproof silane-endcapped adhesive mixture 


210. 8,946,338
Aqueous silicon dioxide dispersions for sealant and adhesive formulations

Non-etching non-resist adhesion composition and method of preparing a work piece


209. 8,937,140
Adhesives and methods for their manufacture and use


208. 8,921,490
Ultrafast heat/room temperature adhesive composition for bonding applications

207. Adhesive composition

206. 8,921,467
Block copolymers in adhesive dispersions

205. Adhesive compositions and use thereof

204. 8,921,445
Curable adhesive compositions

203. Polymeric materials and also adhesive and coating compositions composed thereof and based on multi-alkoxysilyl-functional prepolymers

202. 8,920,087
Adhesive package and use thereof with an anchoring element


201. 8,916,267
Adhesive composition for detachable adhesive bonds and modification of the encapsulation materials for a purposeful energy input

200. 8,916,646
Addition curable self-adhesive silicone rubber composition


199. 8,912,303
Poly(hydroxyl urethane) compositions and methods of making and using the same

198. 8,912,289
Tapered asymmetric block copolymers and adhesives composition comprising the same

197. 8,907,045 
Biocompatible adhesive polymers 

196. 8,907,036 
Self-adhesive silicone compositions which can be crosslinked to form elastomers 

195. 8,907,024 
Curable composition 

194. 8,906,284 
Wrinkled adhesive surfaces and methods for the preparation thereof 

193. 8,905,104 
Adhesive fastening elements for holding a workpiece 


192. 8,901,235 
Adhesive composition, film adhesive, and heat treatment method 

191. 8,901,234 
Adhesive composition 


190. 8,893,760 
Activator means for pre-applied adhesives 


189. 8,889,810 
Adhesive composition and adhesive dry film 

187. 8,889,570 
Light-transmitting electromagnetic-shielding laminate and method for producing the same, light-transmitting radio wave absorber, and adhesive composition 

186. 8,889,570 
Light-transmitting electromagnetic-shielding laminate and method for producing the same, light-transmitting radio wave absorber, and adhesive composition 

185. 8,889,240 
Stretch release article 

184. 8,887,981 
Temporary adhesive for component bonding 


183. 8,882,153 
Recessed adhesive binding systems 


182. 8,877,884 
Adhesive composition, film adhesive, and method for producing the adhesive composition 

181. 8,877,831 
Weighted elastomers, cement compositions comprising weighted elastomers, and methods of use 

180. 8,877,326 
Enhanced material adhesive composites 

179. 8,877,321 
Sizing-adhesive composition 

178. 8,875,652 
Liquid adhesive boundary control 


177. 8,871,828 
Adhesive cream 

176. 8,871,317 
Curable adhesive system, method of assembly of distinct components therewith 


175. 8,865,834 
Adhesive polymer composition 

174. 8,865,817 
Rapidly curing compound having good adhesive properties 

173. 8,865,150 
pH-sensitive mucoadhesive film-forming gels and wax-film composites suitable for topical and mucosal delivery of molecules 

172. 8,865,026 
Thermosetting adhesive 

171. 8,864,892 
Tailorable lignosulfonate carbonate adhesives 

170. 8,863,388 
Stacked adhesive lines 


169. 8,859,707 
Two-component lignosulfonate adhesives and methods for their preparation 

168. 8,859,106 
Use of polypeptides in the form of adhesive agents 


167. 8,633,274 
Aqueous dispersions of reactive gluing agents, method for the production and the use thereof 


166. 8,628,838 
Multilayer thermo-reversible dry adhesives 


165. 8,618,219 
Propylene copolymers for adhesive applications 

164. 8,617,705 
Adhesive composition and sheet for forming semiconductor wafer-protective film 


162. 8,603,630 
Radiation-curable adhesive composition and adhesive sheet 


161. 8,598,294 
Self-adhesive hardener composition 

160. 8,598,264 
Adhesive compositions 

159. 8,597,794  Metathesis-active adhesion agents and methods for enhancing polymer adhesion to surfaces 

158. 8,597,785 
Adhesive film 

157. 8,597,784 
Radiation curable poly(isobutylene) adhesive copolymers 


156. 8,591,939 
Adhesive preparation containing fentanyl 


155. 8,586,666 
Method for introducing carbon dioxide 


154. 8,580,370 
Adhesive assembly and method for making same 


153. 8,574,691 
Starch-based adhesive compositions and use thereof 


152. 8,568,770 
Adhesive material containing 5-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(1H)-pyridone 


151. 8,563,646 
Adhesive composition 

150. 8,563,630 
Dry adhesive and method of preparing the same  

149. 8,563,117 
Biomimetic modular adhesive complex: materials, methods and applications therefore 


148. 8,557,896 
Adhesive composition for a semiconductor device, adhesive film, and dicing die-bonding film 

147. 8,557,393 
Adhesive thermoplastic vulcanizates 


146. 8,556,563 
Adhesive applicator for perfect bound books and method of applying adhesive 


145. 8,552,119 
Low temperature curable adhesive compositions 

144. 8,552,084 
Process for preparing adhesive using planetary extruder 

143. 8,551,616 
Adhesive compositions with multiple tackifiers 

142. 8,551,287 
Hybrid adhesive 


141. 8,546,471 
Waterborne adhesive with improved wet adhesion 

140. 8,545,856 
Compositions and methods for delivery of frozen particle adhesives 


139. 8,541,495 
Adhesive composition 


138. 8,536,294 
Adhesive composition 

137. 8,535,786 
Web and adhesive strip 

136. 8,535,478 
Adhesive silicone elastomer composition 


135. 8,530,608 
Water-based adhesive for lamination of polymers to metal substrates 

134. 8,530,573 
Modified calcium carbonate-filled adhesive compositions and methods for use thereof 

133. 8,529,723 
Process of expediting activation of heat-expandable adhesives/coatings used in making packaging substrates 


132. 8,524,842 
Silicone compositions crosslinkable into adhesive gels 

131. 8,524,034 
Hydrogen peroxide complexes and their use in the cure system of anaerobic adhesives

130. 8,524,092 
Dry adhesives and methods for making dry adhesives 

129. 8,522,980 
Glue pellet separator 


128. 8. 8,519,047 
Aqueous adhesive dispersions 

127. 8,519,023 
Fast,curing two part anaerobic adhesive composition 

126. 8,518,477 
Water-based adhesive composition and a process to foam it 

125. 8,518,208 
High performance adhesive compositions


124. 8,513,363 
Adhesive composition 

123. 8,511,533 
Annular adhesive structure 


122. 8,507,604 
Polyolefin graft copolymer and adhesive composition 

121. 8,507,592 
Adhesive composition, adhesive film and wiring film using the same 


120. 8,501,879 
Adhesive composition, adhesive sheet, semiconductor apparatus protection material, and semiconductor apparatus 

119. 8,501,853 
Aqueous adhesive for bonding elastomers 

118. 8,501,836 
Adhesive composition 

117. 8,501,326 
Wax replacement specialty formulated corrugating adhesive 

116. 8,501,066 
System and method for manufacturing heat-activable adhesive pellets 

115. 8,500,947 
Speeding cure rate of bioadhesives


114. 8,497,321 
Tacky resin composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive film or sheet


113. 8,492,487 
Thermosetting fluoropolyether adhesive composition and adhesion method 

112. 8,492,486 
Adhesive compositions 


111. 8,487,060 
Method for producing polychloroprene latex, polychloroprene latex, and adhesive using the same 

110. 8,486,505 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet with release liner 

109. 8,486,318 
Fiber, fiber aggregate and adhesive having the same 


108. 8,481,638 
High temperature PP adhesive 

107. 8,480,844 
Composition for structural adhesive 


106. 8,470,440 
Regenerative non-tacky adhesive fastening system for use in consumer products 

105. 8,470,119 
Use of a leguminous starch in an adhesive labeling composition 


104. 8,466,218 
Adhesion promoter and coating composition for adhesion to olefinic substrates 

103. 8,466,211 
One-component self-etching adhesive 

102. 8,465,844 
Elastic attachment adhesive containing radial block copolymer

101. 8,465,615 
Adhesive sheet and method for manufacturing the same, semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device 

100. 8,465,581 
Stable acid denatured soy/urea adhesives and methods of making same 


99. 8,461,246 
Mixture of conjugated diene--vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon copolymers and adhesive composition having the same 

98. 8,460,574 
Antistatic adhesive composition, adhesive film using the same, method for producing the adhesive film, and method of fabricating liquid crystal display 


97. 8,455,589 
Polymerization process and adhesives therefrom 

96. 8,455,452 
Composition and use of a long-acting oral bioadhesive endoparasiticide gel based on doramectin

95. 8,455,376 
Adhesive preparation 

94. 8,455,080 
Self-adhesive protective substrate1.

93. 8,454,793 
Adhesive derived from dimeric fatty acid or dimeric fatty diol 


92. 8,450,410 
Adhesive composition for the manufacturing of corrugated paper board 


91. 8,445,615 
Two-component adhesive suitable for construction purposes, its use and the cured structural bonds obtained thereby 

90. 8,445,582 
Adhesive and multilayer structure having the same

89. 8,445,393 
Low-density web and method of applying an additive composition thereto 

88. 8,445,177 
Photosensitive adhesive composition, and obtained using the same, adhesive film, adhesive sheet, semiconductor wafer with adhesive layer, semiconductor device and electronic part 

87. 8,445,103 
Adhesive composition, adhesive optical film and image display device 

86. 8,445,102 
Thermal interface material with thin transfer film or metallization 

85. 8,444,812 
Creping adhesives with improved film properties 

84. 8,444,805 
Low formaldehyde emission adhesive system 

83. 8,444,759 
Bio-based adhesive material


82. 8,440,741 
Dental adhesive compositions and methods 

81. 8,440,288 
Easily applicable adhesive sheet and method of producing the same   


80. 8,436,082 
Gap-filling adhesive of stone

79. 8,435,600 
Method for dispensing random pattern of adhesive filaments

78. 8,434,803 
Adhesive tools and methods of using adhesive tools 


77. 8,431,649 
Organosilicon compounds, production processes thereof, pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions containing the organosilicon compounds, self-adhesive polarizers and liquid crystal displays 

76. 8,431,643 
Polyolefin adhesive compositions and method of making thereof 

75. 8,431,642 
Polyolefin adhesive compositions and articles made therefrom 

74. 8,430,270 
Glue dispenser 


73. 8,426,543 
Adhesive composition and adhesive film

72. 8,426,030 
Butene copolymer-containing adhesive blends 

71. 8,426,018 
Layer of material for uptake of excess adhesive 

Fixing system


69. 8,420,217 
Elastic bonding films 

68. 8,420,177 
Method for preparing functional multilayer anisotropic conductive adhesive film 

67. 8,419,890 
Composition for structural adhesive


66. 8,410,204 
Hardener composition, adhesive system and method of gluing 

65. 8,410,171 
Adhesive preparation 

64. 8,409,756 
Non-thermofusible phenol resin powder, method for producing the same, thermosetting resin composition, sealing material for semiconductor, and adhesive for semiconductor 

63. 8,409,715 
Cation-polymerizable resin composition containing multi-branched polyether polyol, adhesive agent comprising the composition, and laminate and polarizing plate using the adhesive agent 

62. 8,409,703 
Temperature switchable adhesive assemblies with temperature non-switchable tack 

61. 8,409,671 
Method and apparatus for forming resin film 

60. 8,409,389 
Method and apparatus for adhesive bond curing 


59. 8,404,774 
Adhesive and sealant systems 


58. 8,399,982 
Nanotube-based directionally-conductive adhesive 

57. 8,399,110 
Adhesive, hermetic oxide films for metal fluoride optics and method of making same 

56. 8,399,053 
Method for dispensing random pattern of adhesive filaments

55. 8,398,909 
Dry adhesives and methods of making dry adhesives 

54. 8,398,889 
Electroluminescent adhesive masses 

53. 8,398,810 
Adhesive for floor coverings 

52. 8,397,785 
Transfer apparatus for multiple adhesives 


51. 8,394,874 
Method and aqueous adhesive composition for the production of panels made from vegetable matter 

50. 8,394,451 
Connection elements comprising a molded adhesive bar 

49. 8,394,404 
Adhesive material and adhesive preparation 

48. 8,394,397 
Adhesive antineoplastic compositions 


47. 8,389,647 
Laminating adhesive for demoulding at elevated temperature 

46. 8,389,629 
Adhesive, adhesive sheet, multi-layered adhesive sheet, and production method for electronic part 

45. 8,389,613 
Aqueous emulsions comprising polyisocyanate/acetal solvent compositions and coatings/adhesives produced therefrom 

44. 8,389,142 
Method and apparatus for the external application of a battery pack adhesive 

43. 8,389,142 
Method and apparatus for the external application of a battery pack adhesive 

42. 8,388,881 
Method forming a one-piece articulating spacing device for a knee joint 

41. 8,388,880 
Method for the production of an adhesive closure device together with apparatus and adhesive closure device produced accordingly 

40. 8,388,798 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive for applying optically functional film, optically functional film and production process for the same 

39. 8,388,797 
Process for bonding reactive adhesives to substrates 

38. 8,388,794 
Process for producing adhesive patch 

37. 8,388,792  Nonstick material, method for removing a part of a planar material layer and multilayer structure and use therefor 

36. 8,388,786 
Substrate-less pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for protection of semiconductor wafer, method for grinding back side of semiconductor wafer using pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, and method for producing pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet  

35. 8,387,780 
Cord and polymer jacket assembly having an adhesion enhancer in the polymer jacket material 


34. 8,383,731 
Polypropylene-based adhesive compositions 

33. 8,383,727 
Adhesive and laminate using the same 

32. 8,383,144 
Tissue adhering compositions 

31. 8,382,936 
Aqueous biopolymer-containing labeling adhesive 

30. 8,382,929 
Dual cure adhesive formulations 

29. 8,382,729 
Adhesive patch 


28. 8,378,046 
High refractive index pressure-sensitive adhesives 

27. 8,378,025 
Adhesive composition 

26. 8,378,019 
Adhesive composition comprising a polyol base part and an isocyanate hardener and the use thereof 

25. 8,378,017 
Thermosetting adhesive compositions 

24. 8,378,015 
Hot melt adhesives containing styrene butadiene block copolymer 

23. 8,378,010 
Protein stabilized latex polymer emulsions, methods of making, and adhesives containing such emulsions 

22. 8,377,542 
Flexible pad for adhesive bonding and preferential release direction 

21. 8,377,508 
Solventless laminating adhesive and process for production of composite film 

20. 8,377,245 
Adhesive composition for detachable adhesive bonds and modification of the encapsulation materials for a purposeful energy input 

19. 8,376,188 
Device for the application of fibrin adhesive 


18. 8,372,937 
Two-component adhesion promoter composition and use of packaging comprising two compartments 

17. 8,372,936 
Silicone-type pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, and silicone rubber laminate 

16. 8,372,932 
Pressure-senstive adhesives and process for preparing them 

15. 8,372,896 
Total etch dental adhesive composition 

14. 8,372,492 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film and image display 

13. 8,372,230 
Adhesives with mechanical tunable adhesion 


12. 8,367,777 
Adhesive block ethylenic copolymers, cosmetic compositions containing them and cosmetic use of these copolymers 

11. 8,367,165 
Method of applying a water-base adhesive mix for producing tyres 

10. 8,365,390 
Method for affixing adhesive films and main board with adhesive films applied using the method 


9. 8,362,125 
Hot melt adhesive 

8. 8,362,123 
Solidifying adhesives having silane cross-linking 

7. 8,362,120 
Structural adhesives containing maleimide terminated polyimides 

6. 8,361,633 
Cloud point-resistant adhesives and laminates 

5. 8,361,632 
Cloud point-resistant adhesives and laminates 

4. 8,361,616 
Water re-dissolvable adhesive 

3. 8,361,267 
Adhesive chuck, and apparatus and method for assembling substrates using the same 

2. 8,360,704 
Adhesive application apparatus and bookbinding apparatus 

1. 8,360,113 
Multi-colored adhesive with opalescent and metallic colored particles and method of making same