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9/23/2016 from 8/22/2016

Why Patents?

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This website is devoted to listing patent dealing with polymeric materials which includes a patentpedia about patents on specific subjects. Why?

1. Introduction: The Patent as an Information Resource

2. Ideas

3. Applications.

4. Patentpedia

5. Financial


1. Introduction   Top

Why Patents?  Patents are a useful information resource. 

Although these patents are a legal document giving the holder the right to manufacture and produce the product for a limited time without competition, the nature of the document makes is an information resouce inspite of their legal status.  For example, games are played to prevent the reader from circuventing the patents and the lawyer-like language often obscures rather than clearly explain anything.  A patent requirement is that the document describes the state of the art and how the invention advances the art.  Often this is very difficult reading but now and then, a great description of a technology appears that is not other wise available , even in Wikipedia.

In principle, the patent should describe in great detail how the invention works or is put toegther.  It is true, some are suspect.  On the other hand, the broad outline are probably iis usually valid and the patent does provide a starting point.  Any work, a a patent or peer-review document, must always be tested by experiment and testing.  In my expeience in liability lawsuits, I am amazed how this is neglected even in the most advanced and sophisicated companies and even the univerities.

Best of all this information is free and relatively easy to get to and even copy.  Patents are not copyrighted.  However, good scholarship requires proper attribution. 

This mission of this website is to make plastics related patent readily available to readers.  An Alerts service is available.


2. Ideas   Top

The heart of  the patent is an idea.  Every patent is a solution to a particular problem.  Ideas are life blood of most technical people, companies, and especially University Professors.   Groups often have brainstorming sessions where ideas, good, bad or even worse are reviewed.  Sometime interesting ideas come out of nowhere, but I think one of the best triggers of new ideas is the state-of-the-art.  Each patent represents a step forward and  a launching pad for the future.


3. Applications   Top

An interesting aspect of the Patent is applications..  Patent Applications could be a powerful stimulant for new ideas.  Most Topics will have a Topic Applications section.  The most interesting aspect of these patents is not only the application but the operational details in  the patent.   


4. Patentpedia Development   Top

Each Patent eventually will be listed in the Patentpedia by Topic.  At this time, this is far from complete and is under development.  It is a slow process but as it grows it will become more useful.  Maro can supply Patent Titles on past weeks on this site for a fee.  Send an email with a Topic for a quote.


5.  Financial  Top

Finances are a problem.  Hardly anyone wants to pay for anything espccially Internet Information.  An Alerts service is available for a fee.  So far, there are not many subscribers. Donations are an option but I am not a charity.  All I can do is suggest thsee who regularly visits this website, consider donations.  Select one of the Options under the Alerts Service or send me an emal for another  payment method.  (RDC  9/23/2016)


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