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11/1/2017  through 6/1/2015

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 Each week the US Patents are scanned and the those related to plastics or polymers are selected, listed and sorted by topic.  They are, then collected in the Maro Patentpedia along with abstracts and notes. RDC 8/6/2015.

This is an extension of Maropolymeronline.  Because of problems with Microsoft Front Page, I have had to change to Microsoft Expressions Web.  This will be a slow process and until the change is complete, the two sites will be linked.  (RDC  7/13/2015)


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Week 44(10/31/2017)

9,801,321 through 9,807,920
6600 new patents published
patents selected.


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Visitors can subscribe to an Alerts service, in which  email messages with a list of patents related to a topic are sent  by email after each week's review..  For an individual, Option 1 for one Topic ($100 per year); Option 2 individal for two to five topics ($200 per year); Option 3: 1 to 5 topics for a group ($500 per year); Option 4: web access  for a single company location ($1000 per year);  Option 5 web access for a company with multiple locations ($2000 per year). To subscribe, sign up through the link below and send Topics by email to  Subscription wiill start with the next patent review.  Topics may be changed at any time by email. 

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All information collected each week, is sorted and saved the Maro Patentpedia.  This information includes, definitions and notes, abstracts and Patent Titles.  Earlier information is being transferred from Maropolymeronline and this Patentpedia will be the archival Maro collection.  Transferring is slow but ongoing. 

Visitors are invited to send Patent numbers of special interest especially if they are inventors.  New Topics can be added as necessary.  Comments and notes are also invited.  Links to other websites can, also, be arranged. ( (RDC 6/14/2016)


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